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Our Hunters Have Taken 16 #1 Trophies for ROE

Most years our hunters enjoy a 100% success!

Our hunters average between 25 to 30 animals that make the Top 10 list every year.

This page gives the basic price information about the hunts we offer at Hunt's Bow Hunting Ranch, the best in Texas. Only one party of hunters is allowed on the ranch at one time. A party can be made up of as many as five hunters. For everyone's safety and well being, no alcohol or firearms are allowed within this property. All hunts require a 25% non-refundable deposit upon booking to secure dates. Personal checks will be accepted for deposits only. No refunds! We will re-book your hunt within a four-week notice. The use of the bunkhouse is included in all prices. We will clean and quarter your animals for a $35 fee, or you can do it yourself.

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Price List For 2014 Starts At:

All hunts are 2-day hunts. The price is $200. Upon killing your trophy, this fee will be waived. You will only be charged for the trophy fee. We do accept credit cards.

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Red Deer Does ---$500

Fallow bucks ---$2250

Sika bucks---$1500

Red deer Stags---$2500

Water Buffalo---$2500

Catalina goats---$650 (These are Record book size)

Ibex goats---$2000 & up

Blackbuck antelope---$1800

Axis Deer --- $1800


We specialize in record book rams. We continually keep one of the best herds of rams anywhere found.

Corsican rams---$650

Desert Painted rams---$650

Black Hawaiian rams---$650

Texas Dall rams---$650

Four Horn rams---$650

Merino rams---$650

Mouflon Type Ram---$650

"NEW" Economy Priced Ram Hunts
(Trophy rams, but not record book rams) Price: $450

We also have pure European Mouflon rams and pure Iranian Red Sheep rams. We are one of the few bowhunting ranches that have pure mouflon and pure Red Sheep. Both of these sheep are true wild sheep. These also are record book rams.
Bronze and Silver Medal Mouflon rams---$1800 Gold Medal Mouflon rams --- $2000 - $2500 Red Sheep rams---$2500

We also have other species of animals. Call and check with us. Prices are subject to change. A wounded animal will be charged as a kill. All attempts will be made to recover a wounded animal. So far 100% have been recovered.

We usually have many animals that will score high enough to rank in the top 10 for the year with the Record of Exotics. To see the quality of animals that are being hunted here look at our gallery pages.

We will do our best to help you get that special trophy. We use many different ways to help you be successful, including stands, stalks, and drives. We also are certified to score your trophies for Records of Exotics.

If you are a licensed minister we will give you a 10% discount!

We now accept Credit Cards.

Call now! Rickey Hunt (903)-684-3234

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